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A Capitol Fourth


Honoring and Celebrating Our Service Members

On A Capitol Fourth, our nation’s premier military bands perform patriotic music to commemorate our country’s Independence Day.

Independence Day in the United States of America commemorates July 4, 1776, when the Continental Congress officially adopted the final version of the Declaration of Independence, our nation’s most cherished symbol of liberty.

Throughout our history, America’s sons and daughters have willingly laid down their lives to strengthen our nation and protect its freedoms. The greatness of our republic is founded in their selfless sacrifice.

Each year on A Capitol Fourth, we highlight our servicemen and women by including our nation’s premier military bands in performance on our concert.  We are also honored to have in our audience active-duty service members from our armed forces, including brave men and women wounded in action. This July 4, please join A Capitol Fourth and our sponsors, including The Boeing Company, as we honor and celebrate all those who have served throughout history to keep our country safe and secure.